A newborn lifestyle session

I put a model call out a few weeks back - looking for a new born baby for a lifestyle, in-home session. When Emma got in touch asking to be considered, I absolutely jumped at the chance - Because 1. I'd had several shoots with her and her gorgeous family before and 2. errrr.. twins! Double the cute-ness. I'm very happy with how the photos turned out, and especially the video. Just look at those gorgeous little teeny tiny hands and big dark curious eyes!

The technical stuff

I always love reading about photographer's gear and the settings they use for their shoots - so I've started to share a bit about the technical side of sessions on here. I used my trust Sony A7iii - it really is my baby and I could talk to you all day about why it's so great. I used my Sigma 35mm Art 1.4 lens (again, another one of my babies!). The client's house was lovely and bright which helped with the lighting, I kept the ISO low to avoid grain and to keep it as sharp as possible. Most of these shots are taken with a 1.4 f.stop and a slightly lower than usual shutter speed.

A little video

Video is something I've always loved. To be able to incorporate video into my sessions it a joy. I loved capturing Archer and Arthur in photos, but focusing on their little movements and beautiful big eyes as they get accustom to their surroundings was incredibly fun. And just look at the outcome! A little video to cherish forever.