Heartwood Forest & Baby Boaler

A few weeks ago I had a lovely little maternity session with Natalie and Joe. They are soon to give birth to their baby boy or girl. We met up pretty early for this particular session. There was a slight frost on the ground and the sun was at the perfect height for the most gorgeous shots. I could have carried on taking photos of these two for way longer, but the hour went by and we'd got some stunning shots.

Boy or Girl

There's something so special about not finding out the gender of your baby. The surprise of becoming pregnant is sometimes a surprise enough, but add the mystery of not knowing if you're going to be raising a boy or girl, and suddenly throughout labour you're much more eager to push. I can't wait to find out if Natalie and Joe have a baby boy or girl, and take pictures of them in the Spring time! Be sure to look out for those photos, but in the meantime here's the rest of this gorgeous gallery.